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Something extra for Pentecost!

A meditation by Rev Elaine Halls

“Happy Birthday!”

Oh! It’s not your Birthday, sorry!

Well, who knows, it might be yours! It is certainly the Churches Birthday, it’s Pentecost. Unlike Christmas and Easter, secular society has thus far left Pentecost untarnished by mass hysteria and over spending with little sense of the true meaning of either occasion. Pentecost will pass most people by.

Read the story in Acts 2.

This will be a very different celebration in the church year to Christmas and Easter and even more so with Covid19 this year. It will be a day of celebration not of Jesus’ birth or his resurrection but of the pouring out of God’s Holy Spirit to empower followers of Jesus to go out into the world to proclaim the Gospel Message (the “Good News” that Jesus is life changing and life affirming). Pentecost is seen as the “BIRTHDAY” of the Church, when the first followers were sent out to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, to proclaim that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) was alive and active in the world. God poured out his Holy Spirit on believers to give them courage and to give them the language to use to express their faith so others would hear and understand. Today, the church and its people do not always get it right but we do TRY in an increasingly complex world, to tell the simple story of God’s love for all.

Pentecost it seems has nothing to offer to the world! WRONG!! It has a lot to offer. Just think again of what that first Pentecost meant: It was the fulfilment of the birth and then the death and resurrection of Jesus; it was not the end of something, more like the beginning, an opening not to be passed by lightly. It was a setting free and a setting on fire, a liberation and excitement all in one. It was a bringing together and an understanding. It was an experience above all other experiences. It was a giving by God of the Spirit......poured out on all flesh......you and me, yours and mine, friend and neighbour, near and far, liked and disliked, good and bad. This can so easily become a cliché, but we must not let it. We must let others see that the Spirit of God does indeed EVEN TODAY have something to offer to them.

If we doubt we have what it takes to convince others of the power of the Pentecost experience, then let us remind ourselves to rely not on ourselves but on God and let us pray this prayer:

God of infinity, God of the has been, God of the now, God of all that is to come
may the boldness and vitality of your Spirit inform and transform us,
may the gentleness and warming of your Spirit guide and caress us,
and may the gifts of your Spirit equip and enable us, to serve and worship you, with new vision and new purpose, now and always. Amen

Join in this Pentecost hymn, one of my favourites: Come down O love divine….


And a meditation on this Pentecost Sunday:

We’ve journeyed through the end of Lent feeling bemused and odd, trying new things, changing ways, becoming more self-absorbed and yet equally becoming more concerned for those we could not see, could not meet, could not hug and could not embrace.

We travelled through Easter, with the joy of resurrection and yet tinged with our own uncertainty

We approach our Pentecost God, and pray “Spirit of God, bless us as our minds wander and wonder….wonder what will come, where life will go, how different things will be after Covid is no longer a pandemic.

Spirit of God, many will have questions and some will have answers. Let us seek the answers from you as we try to share with those who are asking new questions of the church in the light of the pandemic.

Spirit of God, we feel the wind, gentle and affirming of life; we feel the rushing wind, taking our breath away and making us stop in our steps; we feel the stormy winds that make us change path and go where we don’t especially want to go.

Spirit of God blow amongst us as we feel the breeze, the wind, the storm, about us and within us. We feel the flames and fire warming our cold core, burning the dross and releasing it to be no more, the searing heat that scars us and pains us.

Spirit of God fan the flames of your Spirit amongst us that we may know the warmth of your presence and the energising of your Spirit. We hear the words around us spoken in many tongues. Sometimes we understand what is being said and other times we don’t. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t.

Speak to us Spirit of God …. in words and ways that we hear, understand and know. ‘Language’ doesn’t always have to be spoken, sometimes we catch glimpses of the Spirit in tasks and in visual things. Why not have a go at the Pentecost Wordsearch of the colouring sheet.

Alternative Printed Service

Here's a Sunday Service you can follow at home which has been prepared by the Methodist Church.

The text is available as a PDF from the Methodist website:   download from this link.

The hymns for the printed service are below 


First hymn

Second hymn to listen to